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What I’m Reading and What I’m Loving: October 2018

Happy November everyone! While I love October, Halloween and the beginning of fall, I have a bit of a soft spot for November. It is definitely a warm and fuzzy month, filled with cozy weekends in doors and Thanksgiving feelings of gratitude and the fact that Christmas excitement is only just starting. I am super excited to see all the good bits coming this way in the next few weeks.

As for this October, things have been super busy. I went to a showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time since I was in college and it was just as weird and wonderful as I remembered. I also got to see Jessie J in concert for the first time, which was a big deal to the eighteen-year-old me. And then there was all the Halloween festivities, like pumpkin picking, dressing up and trying to avoid the scary movies on TV. I have devoured at least three pounds of candy, which I fully blame on the fact that my roommates and I decided to place the candy bowl right outside the kitchen door. I was also on a budget this month so I really didn’t do a ton of shopping. Instead, I watched a lot of TV, read a lot of blog posts and reconnected with some of my old favorites. Here are some of the highlights.

What I’m Reading:

1. Hocus Pocus has always been one of my favorite Halloween movies and this article from Popsugar about touring the filming locations has added a new item to my bucket list. And I had no idea it was filmed in Salem! That’s so close!

2. Leslie’s post about finding a hobby you’re bad at gave me a lot to think about. I have always felt like if you love something, you should do the absolute best you can at it because you never know what you can do with it. After reading this post, I was able to look back on my favorite hobbies and remember that they are supposed to be fun and freeing, and it has helped me find joy again in some of my favorite hobbies.

3. Being out of college means a whole new ballgame when it comes to making friends. I really appreciated Hailey from College Fashion‘s guide on how to recognize when you are in a one-sided friendship.

4. Harajuku is on my travel bucket list and Kristin at Be My Travel Muse gave me some awesome ideas for some of the quirkier things I need to do when I get there. I am especially loving the look of those crepes!!

5. I think Carly the Prepster and her friend’s Parent Trap costumes are my favorite costume of Halloween! Not only is it super cute but gives me all the nostalgia feels!

6. Speaking of nostalgia, I loved this chart Epic Reads did of YA books to read if you love certain 90s and 2000s movies! There are so many movies I almost forgot about and I will definitely be reading (and watching) the picks on this list!

What I’m Loving:

1. I feel like everyone has been talking about Shane Dawson’s series on Jake Paul. I had only heard of the Paul brothers vaguely but this series kept me on the edge of my seat and terrified that everyone I knew might be a sociopath.

2. If you read my series on the Romanovs from earlier this year, then you know very well how much I love that corner of history. The Romanoffs, a new show from Amazon, may not cover the historic events directly, but it is a refreshing take on a story that has been told so many times. Each episode focuses on a new cast of characters in today’s time, each with a small connection to the Romanovs, and the way it affects their lives.

3. I have been super excited to see Doctor Who’s new Doctor in action and I was not disappointed! This Doctor may soon be in the running to be one of my favorite Doctors of all time!

4. My roommate is a huge fan of Survivor and thanks to her, it has become my new favorite TV show! This has been a great season so far and I’m totally rooting for Gabby!

5. Fall always gets me in the mood for more cozy, magical reads so this season, I’ve been re-reading the Raven Cycle all the way through on audiobook. Every time I pick up this series, I find new reasons to love it!

6. As I said above, I have been a fan of Jessie J since I was in high school, but definitely not as strong as I used to be. After seeing her on her Rose tour, I am completely converted all over again. Her voice is absolutely incredible! If she is coming anywhere near you on the remainder of this tour, you need to get yourself there!

7. Every once and a while, Prime surprises me with a movie that has been on my watch list for ages, and this month, it was Charade. Not only was this movie Audrey Hepburn at her best, but I think I have officially converted to a Carey Grant fan.

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